March 17, 2019

I started 2019 off with planning a couple more photoshoots to expand my portfolio, learn the ropes of modeling, establish new connections and simply because I enjoy it.


The sessions and feedback from people around me made me realize that becoming a professional model is really in my line of interest and therefore I made an appointment with "Male Models Netherlands". 

I got in touch with Önder from MMN via e-mail and we set an appointment to meet in their office in Rotterdam. 

During the meeting, Önder and I got to know each other better and Önder explained some modeling market aspects and helped to improve my understanding of what it takes to become a male model. After we concluded the conversation, we took 3 quick test-shots. The results of these shots are displayed here.


After taking the shots, Önder provided me with feedback and invited me to return in 2 months