Marjo Van Balen

& Rucha Attal

February 7, 2019 

I had arranged a shooting session with Marjo. The idea was to shoot in a very familiar location for me, the "Berenkuil" (Dutch for Bear Pit) in Eindhoven. This location is a spot in Eindhoven where people can practice graffiti art legally. It is a roundabout under a road meant for people on bicycle and foot, enterable via tunnels. The pit changes in appearance throughout the year, with new graffiti art applied to the walls inside. 

The shoot was orginally planned to be a solo shoot, but I met Rucha after already having set the appointment with Marjo. Rucha is a model from India who was here on holiday. The idea to shoot together came to the surface. After informing with Marjo we had decided to make it a duo-shoot.

I hope you'll enjoy the gallery! 


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